ESL #21 Photo Gallery

October 17-18, 1998, Higgs Farm Maryland

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UL: Fred Wallace show how to build a motor. UC: Dave Young (white T-shirt) Dave Webber (behind car) UR: Pete Bennett LL: Bob Utley LC: Dave Bullis (l) Terry Chalfant (r) LR: Bill Mantell (l) Pete Bennett (r) (Photo's by Jerome Craig)


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Lester Sherman's "Eclipse" on a I284,(Photo by Jerome Craig) and after the laundry comes out. (Photo by Ed Brun)


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Nelson Wallace's "1/2 Patriot" on a K700. Neil McGilvray's "Socially Unacceptable" on a K550, ignition and flight. (Photo by Jerome Craig)


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UL: Bob Booker with his I-Roc UC: Jerome Craig's BullPup on an I435 UR: Bob Utley with his 2 stage Terrier/Sandhawk LL: Mike Rudiger with his Bull Pup LC: Stuart McGilvray with his Cowabunga (His dad fly's it) LR: David Green with his Mini Magg. UL:,UR:,LL: & LR:(Photo by Kathy Gilliand) UC:(Photo by Jerome Craig) LC:(Photo by Neil McGilvray)


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Norwood Truitt's Nike-Apache on a J350/G40. Joe May's Bruiser on a K550, mission Bruiser-007, altitude 3400'. (Photo by Jerome Craig)


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Fred Wallace's Dynacom Bull-pup on a J460 and after chute. (Flight photo by Jerome Craig and Chute photo by Ed Brun)


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Jerome Craig's fly's and drives in style. (Photo by Jerome Craig)


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Nelson Wallace's "Mirage" taking pictures on the way up, under a G35.


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Some great shots of unknown rockets. Center Photo:The first rocket (red,white and blue) is Kevin Mitchells. The Red, yellow and white rocket on right is Ted Proseus "VB Extreme 29".Email the info. if you know who's they are.


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Fred Wallace to the pads, Dave Young after the flight, Kathy Gilliands "Sky Taxi' and Kathy waiting in line with Art Boorman and Dave Young. (Photo's by Wayde Winazak)


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Fred Wallace rocket on the pad. Kevin Mitchell's 2 stage, Dennis Sauer with rocket and the last unknown rocket picture (Photo's by Wayde Winazak)


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