DARE II Photo Gallery

October 17-19, 2003, Rhodesdale, Maryland

Photo's by Jerry O'Sullivan



JOdare202a.jpg (44,227 bytes) JOdare203a.jpg (26,141 bytes) JOdare204a.jpg (35,541 bytes) JOdare208a.jpg (19,585 bytes)
Bill the sound guy. David Bathras. Sean McAndrew. Jerry's rocket on a sparky motor.


JOdare210a.jpg (23,992 bytes) JOdare211a.jpg (21,453 bytes) JOdare212a.jpg (20,192 bytes) JOdare215a.jpg (19,256 bytes)
David Bathras Amraam on his Sparky load. Glenn Davis PAC3 on a BMW WL. Jerry's Smoke on a Bathras Sparky load. Jerry's Rocket on a AMW Green load.


joftoff1.jpg (25,444 bytes) joftoff2.jpg (49,957 bytes) joftoff3.jpg (46,816 bytes) joftoff4.jpg (40,537 bytes)
On board Jerry's rocket with a Sparky load. on board sparky load. on board sparky load. on board sparky load.


joftoff5.jpg (37,260 bytes) joftoff6.jpg (18,728 bytes) joftoff10.jpg (18,151 bytes)
on board sparky load. on board sparky load. on board sparky load.

Photo's by Brian Wheeler



bwd2gril.jpg 65,713 bytes) bwd2gren.jpg (25,344 bytes) bwd2rocket1.jpg (33,552 bytes) bwd2red.jpg (28,702 bytes)
Crystal Maier standing next to Brian's Performance Art. Brian's Performance Art on a K700. Greg Gruntler rocket on a J540R flown to 5560 feet. John Ritz's fast M rocket.

Photo's by Phil Stein



phd2001.jpg (25,412 bytes) phd2004.jpg (17,441 bytes) phd2006.jpg (29,022 bytes) phd2008.jpg (24,389 bytes)
Alan Gorecki of Hawk Mountain, Rocket. And it's still going. Kathy Gilliands Star 3, a BMW WL M. And it's still going.


phd2009.jpg (19,300 bytes) phd2010S.jpg (38,907 bytes) phd2011S.jpg (41,358 bytes) phd2015.jpg (17,800 bytes)
And still going. Dick Stafford's Hat of Death, very cool. Liftoff. Rob Bazinet rocket with Rob's red load.


phd2020.jpg (20,236 bytes) phd2022.jpg (18,379 bytes) phd2033.jpg (22,667 bytes) phd2039.jpg (31,505 bytes)
Dave Bullis's Monster on a BMW M load. And still going. Rob Bazinet Upscale Aerraux Rob's red load. Rob Bazinet rocket with a rob's blue load.


phd2057.jpg (19,404 bytes) phd2059.jpg (19,412 bytes) phd2060.jpg (19,650 bytes) phd2061.jpg (20,382 bytes)
Neil McGilvray's Nike Smoke on a O motor. And still going. problems. more problems.


phd2080.jpg (23,723 bytes) phd2103.jpg (23,109 bytes)
Very Cool flight Neil. Fred Schumacher's Overkill 6, on a BMW M.

Photo's by John Ritz



jrd21.jpg (47,040 bytes) jrd22.jpg (35,080 bytes) jrd23.jpg (35,963 bytes) jrd24.jpg (30,214 bytes)
Kathy Gilliands Star 3 on a BMW WL M. And still going. Bob Utley's Bada Bing,Bada Boom, BMW WL M. Dave Bathras rocket on his sparkly load.


jrd26.jpg (37,596 bytes) jrd27.jpg (40,668 bytes) jrd28.jpg (32,280 bytes) jrd29.jpg (42,593 bytes)
Jerry O's smoke on a Bathras sparky. and still going. Dave Bullis Monster on BMW load. Rob Bazinet rocket on his red load.


jrd210.jpg (25,581 bytes) jrd211.jpg (38,874 bytes) jrd212.jpg (34,332 bytes) jrd213.jpg (37,701 bytes)
Unknow Rocket #2. Unknown Rocket #3. Unknown Rocket #4. John Ritz's Fast M Motor.


Photo's by Jim Strauss



jsd2fred.jpg (19,039 bytes) jsd2happy.jpg (23,009 bytes) jsd2hawk.jpg 49,229 bytes) jsd2jerry.jpg (12,5512 bytes)
Fred Schumacher carrying Overkill 6 with Dave Young. Between the flag flight. Alan Gorecki of Hawk Mountain, Rocket. Another Jerry O's smoke flight.


jsd2lco.jpg (36,757 bytes) jsd2men.jpg (69,454 bytes) jsd2neil1.jpg (58,600 bytes) jsd2neil2.jpg (72,331 bytes)
Ted Proseus as LCO. To live by. Neil McGilvray's Smoke, with JR and Dave Young. Another shot now with Ron.


jsd2nike1.jpg (77,586 bytes) jsd2nelson.jpg (65,019 bytes) jsd2rocketcar.jpg (74,083 bytes) jsd2sound.jpg (83,176 bytes)
Last shot of Smoke before very Cool flight. Full scale Nelson Wallace and Rocket. Nelson's Rocket car. The Sound man Bill.


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