Crash and Burn Photo Gallery

Photo by Ted Proseus

RIGELCRA.JPG (245,253 bytes)
Recovery with the Altimeter turned OFF. It did not land on the jeep, it's just for display.

What to do next, after getting Level 3

That's the reason we follow NFPA safe distance's and when we call a heads up we mean it.

COW1_IGN.JPG (177,503 bytes) COW2_LIF.JPG (162,229 bytes) COW3_ARC.JPG (262,748 bytes)
Looks good so far One motor lights, others take a ride Left turn blinker is on
COW4_VER.JPG (233,215 bytes) COW5_HOR.JPG (176,144 bytes) COW6_BRE.JPG (576,077 bytes)
Looking for pasture. Lets try a different pasture. Touch-down, notice motor.
COW7_BRE.JPG (249,473 bytes) COW8_SMO.JPG (167,405 bytes) COW9_PAY.JPG (392,893 bytes)
Motor is still trying to fly. This is the smoking section? Power modification at work.

Neil McGilvray just got his Level 3 ticket,at the next launch he clustered 3 motors for a nice flight. Trying to do it again did not go as planned. This rocket "Where's the Beef" was to fly on 2 J350 and 1 K700. As you can see, only 1 of the J's came up to speed. The second J lit just before touch-down. The K lit almost 2 seconds after touch-down. No one was hurt, scared a little, no damage to the field or flyer's. Delaware was quick to put things back in order and continued flying after "The Neil Show".


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