Coverdale Jan 2006 Photo Gallery

January 28-29, 2006, Coverdale, Delaware

Photos by John Ritz

IMG_2393.JPG (619K bytes) IMG_2394.JPG (552K bytes) IMG_2396.JPG (433K bytes) IMG_2397.JPG (447K bytes)
Doug Beard's Saturn V on a D12 Keith Soldavin's rocket on a K550 Dr. Evil AKA John Ritz Painting rockets


IMG_2398.JPG (473K bytes) IMG_2399.JPG (364K bytes) IMG_2400.JPG (200K bytes) IMG_2401.JPG (195K bytes)
Glenn Davis and John Ritz in the open air paint booth Norwood Truitt performing LCO duties Unknown #7 Unknown #8


IMG_2402.JPG (393K bytes) IMG_2403.JPG (259K bytes) IMG_2405.JPG (345K bytes)
Jim Cox's Crack The Sky on a J1001 John Ritz with painted rockets? Say it isnít so.


We appreciate any help in identifying people, places, and rockets, corrections or your suggestions for captions.

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