Dave Bullis N motor J-Turn Photo Gallery

May 15, 1999, Higg's Farm

This launch was done AFTER the Tripoli launch was closed down and under Dave Bullis personal waiver.

Unless noted, Photo's by Jill Weber

JWDB1.JPG (83,918 bytes) JWDB2.JPG (75,412 bytes) JWDB3.JPG (71,382 bytes) JWDB4.JPG (57,599 bytes)
The Ground Crew. Arming J-Turn Tracking smoke is on Liftoff

JWDB5.JPG (62,339 bytes) JWDB6.JPG (83,805 bytes) JWDB7.JPG (83,981 bytes)
Climbing to 4000 feet. J-Turn under droge Main chutes out


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