Bridge over river Why Photo Gallery

Higgs Farm, Maryland

Photo's by Fred Wallace and John Ritz



Dscf0061.jpg Dscf0062.jpg Dscf0063.jpg Dscf0064.jpg
The Crew to build the bridge. The snowy parking area. The work. And more work.


Dscf0065.jpg Dscf0066.jpg Dscf0067.jpg Dscf0068.jpg
Moving the tractor to move bridge. Hooking up the frame to move it over the river Why. The start of the move. Moving.


Dscf0069.jpg Dscf0070.jpg Dscf0072.jpg Dscf0075.jpg
Getting there. Almost there. Tom and his son Adam. In place.


Dscf0076.jpg Dscf0077.jpg Dscf0078.jpg jr020320.jpg
Making it level. Moving I beams under it. Dropping the chain. Kathy modeling the bridge.


jr020321.jpg jr020322.jpg jr020323.jpg
In the middle. I beam attachment. Shot of full bridge.



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