MDRA at BALLS 13 Photo Gallery

September 10-12, 2004, Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Mark Canepa's BALLS 13 Newsletter

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Photos by Mike deBey

Balls-2004-002.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-004.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-005.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-006.jpg ( bytes)
The dust storm.  Full grain of the R hybrid.  Top down view.  Bottom up view. 


Balls-2004-007.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-008.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-030.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-031.jpg ( bytes)
Mark Canepa listing to Neil, like he has a choice.  West side of the flight line.  Dave Triano's Q motor rocket.  Still going. 


Balls-2004-032.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-065.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-066.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-068.jpg ( bytes)
High winds but still going.  Another launch.  Still going.  Yet another rocket launch. 


Balls-2004-069.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-070.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-071.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-072.jpg ( bytes)
Still going.  Bob, Pat and Ed with BLM trailer.  Big Yellow.  Still going. 


Balls-2004-073.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-130.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-131.jpg ( bytes)
And still going.  Neil, Bob and the Al from "What would Al do".  Dave Triano preping his Q rocket. 


Balls-2004-132.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-138.jpg ( bytes)
And the Q motor.  Gene Nowaczyk handy work. 

"Black Brant"

Balls-2004-001.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-003.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-009.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-010.jpg ( bytes)
Wedge connecting the quick links.  Just before final assembly.  Applying the decals.  Fine job installing an ARTS. 


Balls-2004-011.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-012.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-013.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-014.jpg ( bytes)
Moving the BB from the tent to travel wagon.  Pushing it to the pad, 1/2 mile away.  Finally got it to the pad.  Start to ready it for the motors. 


Balls-2004-015.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-017.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-018.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-019.jpg ( bytes)
Sure, it's not Neil's rocket.  Ready to install the motors.  Final check by Darren and Jeff.  Look at that finish.  


Balls-2004-020.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-021.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-022.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-023.jpg ( bytes)
Installing the standoff.  The Players, Wedge, Eric, Melinda and John.  Starting to rase the BB.  Almost to the top. 


Balls-2004-024.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-025.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-026.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-027.jpg ( bytes)
On top.  securing the guide wires.  Locking the tower in place.  Removing some support plates. 


Balls-2004-028.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-029.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-034.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-035.jpg ( bytes)
Putting 110 gallons of water under rocket.  Clearing the area.  Liftoff.  Climbing. 


Balls-2004-035.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-036.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-037.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-039.jpg ( bytes)
Faster.  Two of the fins give it up.  Under chute.  Recovery crew. 


Balls-2004-040.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-041.jpg ( bytes) Balls-2004-042.jpg ( bytes)
Off to the rocket.  Fin damage.  Neil is all over it. 


Brunos1.jpg ( bytes) Brunos2.jpg ( bytes) Brunos3.jpg ( bytes) Brunos4.jpg ( bytes)
Happy,go lucky, Bob.  Kathy, Neil and Bob at Bruno's Motel.  The room and babe.  Bob, Neil, Mike and Kathy outside the Country Club. 


Brunos6.jpg ( bytes) Brunos7.jpg ( bytes) Brunos8.jpg ( bytes) Brunos9.jpg ( bytes)
Frank Kosdon's dash.  Our table at the Country Club.  Gota be Payloads family.  Welcome to Nowhere and our new buddy. 


hojo-1.jpg ( bytes) hojo-2.jpg ( bytes) hojo-3.jpg ( bytes) hojo-4.jpg ( bytes)
Friday, assembling the rocket.  The business end, 4 P motors.  Puting the two halfs together.  Attaching the fins. 


hojo-5.jpg ( bytes) hojo-6.jpg ( bytes) hojo-7.jpg ( bytes) hojo-8a.jpg ( bytes)
Checking the detail out.  Complete view of rocket.  Looking from the warhead, I mean top down.  Liftoff, 1 mile away. 


hojo-8.jpg ( bytes) hojo-9.jpg ( bytes) hojo-10.jpg ( bytes) hojo-11.jpg ( bytes)
One motor cato  Other motors flying out  Over the top.  Full view. 

"What Would Al Do"

balls-2004-050.jpg ( bytes) balls-2004-051.jpg ( bytes) balls-2004-052.jpg ( bytes) balls-2004-055.jpg ( bytes)
Neil by our blue, ok dusty van.  Wild horse's.  Neil at 6K, easier for him then his rockets.  Petrified Forest by side of road. 


balls-2004-056.jpg ( bytes) balls-2004-076.jpg ( bytes) balls-2004-078.jpg ( bytes) balls-2004-080.jpg ( bytes)
Another name for a dirt road.  Black Rock Spring, Kathy and John.  Photo shot of Mike and wagon.  The Hot Springs. 


balls-2004-081.jpg ( bytes) balls-2004-082.jpg ( bytes) balls-2004-083.jpg ( bytes) balls-2004-084.jpg ( bytes)
The cattle drive.  And more cattle.  Kathy and Neil at the womans rest stop.  Welcome to California. 


balls-2004-085.jpg ( bytes) balls-2004-086.jpg ( bytes) balls-2004-087.jpg ( bytes) balls-2004-089.jpg ( bytes)
Looking from California to Nevada with Bob and John.  Cedar Pass CA.  Elev 6305.  Bob showing it is over 6 feet tall. 


balls-2004-090.jpg ( bytes) balls-2004-122.jpg ( bytes)
Another photo opt. for Mike.  Sunset in Nevada. 


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